Quest Walkthroughs

______________________________ Level Quests ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ Lq 2: Quest room - Enter the quest room. Lq 4: City tour - Go 1 e from church, and 'start tour' Lq 5: Visit - Go visit the: Roulette wheel Hospital entrance hall Tinker's Toolshop Library Swimming pool entrance Art Gallery - they are located in batcity, use "citymap detailed" to find them. Lq 7: View Artwork - Go to the art gallery in bc, use "citymap detailed" if you cant find it, - and view every name there. Lq 8: Statue Go to ochimo's and ne/sw/nw/se directions have a piece of the statue (total 4, arm, head, leg, sword) there are 2 blockers for each part, elemental type and an ochimo. Max 500exp/mob You win a crystal mallet. Lq 8: Balloon Ride -Go to Connor's, purchase a balloon (2500 or 500 gold), fly the balloon east until you reach shadowkeep, -then land, collect quest. (Flying high and fast may result in death, low and slow may result in boredom. Lq 9: Kobold staff -d'hregal mountain, go into the ne section of the caves and break off a root from the ceiling. Bring the root to Mary? -and she'll make you a shrinking potion. Go into the nw portion of the caves and drink the potion -then "enter crack" to get to kobold chief. Kill him, bring staff to miners. Lq 11: St. Patric's Abby -Find the abbot, he's in the dungeon e,e,e,s or so, Kick abbot to test, ask abbot about quest, -then go out of the abbey and go 1 nw into the catacombs find room with monk pull lever, then find passage enter it, -and get the shrine, leave give shrine to abbot, he gives note, give note to clerk (n,w,s of abbot) and -then go to catacombs again, do not enter, go nw and then in ruins go ne from bottom right ruin and then unlock gate -(in that area somwhere) enter catacoms #2 with goblins and find goblin treasure room, take shrine and give it to abbot. Lq 12: Mail (Hidden LQ) -Go to the post office in bc and 20 look at mail untill you find the a letter -take it to south gate guards and give it to guard. Lq 13: Kitty (resets on reinc) -look around bc, you will see a cat in the room, take it, and bring it to the -crying girl. She might be killed, so do the quest from boot. Lq 16: Black butterfly -Go through the newbie mines and kill all the colored butterflys and collect -the different colored paints. Then give all the colors to the black butterfly. Lq 17: Rob vault -Go down into the newbie mines, locate the dwarf guard that blocks you and kill him. Lq 18: Manhunt -Go to hugoville, find the room with billy bob jack, kill him, take the sword and -bring it back to the sheriff. Lq 19: Sewer ring -In the bc sewers, ne quad of bc, find the ring mould, wood, metal, then go to -the forge and make the ring. Lq 20: Register -Find the registration clerk in bc, register with her. Lq 21: Rules 101 -Type help rules. Lq 22: Explore10 -Reach 10% explore count. Lq 23: Help liezeb -Enter beastlands, you will see in the center to " ? "'s, the top one is the ladder leading to liezeb. -Climb ladder and ask him about quest. He will have you get a few things and deliver them to places, -he will ask you to deliever honey to the bears, the honey jar is north of him, search pots or something, you'll -see what you have to search in the room. then take the honey to the cave north of the ladder and give to the brown -bear. Then he will ask you to bring weed to the sprite grandmother so go back 'climb ladder' and go west, search pots -or so, and you'll find the weed. take that, and go 2 ,s 2 sw of the ladder entrance, and you'll find the entrance -to the sprites house. Go in and give it to the grandma sprite. then go back, he will want either the bat queens head or -his pipe, the pipe is in the tower south of the ladder, go "tower, u, search chair" and get pipe, then bring it back to -liezeb. Then go to the sw part of the map and go west of the waterfall and "enter waterfall" kill all the bats, go in the -lair, kill queen, take head, and bring it back to him, the he should give you a key for the tower, go up the tower again, -and have someone pick the first locked door of the tower, then go up again, unlock that door with the key he gave you, -and up a few more times to the beast and kill him, 40k or so. that will get you the quest. Lq 24: Zoy's inn -enter area, go north, enter inn, go west, ask captian about quest or treasure. you'll need saucer, disc, paperweight. -go north and nw till you get a down exit, you will need a rope, tie the rope to stake, and go d, w, kill rat. thats saucer. -go back toward the entrance of the area, look at river, when you see it, cross river or swim river, its a dex/str check, so -make sure someone can cross it, go north, kill the man, enter the boat, go up north and kill Johnny Crossbones, then -search desk or search chests for the paperweight. then head back to the place with the rat, a few rooms before that you will see -a hole, enter the hole, go around n ne se n, then slither, then kill the snakes theres, and search pile for the disc. -now head back to the inn, and give each piece to captain, one piece at a time. Lq 25: Save secladin village Lq 25: Roulette -Go to the roulette room, bid 3400 gold on every number, starting with 00, then 0, then 1 -all the way to 34 or so, whatever max is, you have 1 min to bid on all, so make a command -to make it faster, like command bidd bid 3400 on $* or whatever the bid syntax is, -then you can just bidd 00, bidd 0, bidd 1, bidd 2 etc, you will win 100k and lose like 15k Lq 26: Jarear's assignments -Jarear, located at the taskmaster's area, southeast of the paladin stronghold -go there, and start the quests, you will need a surgery to 100 cha or so before hand, -bring your eq as you need to kill some small things Lq 27: Colours -Requires a party, but the quester must also do everything himself. -Get the seven coloured pieces and go to the man at the entrance. -search slime (green), kill huge furry spider queen (blue), kill lakamaar (orange) -kill pit fiend (indigo), do bodor shooting contest (yellow) -do puzzle room, arrange tiles to black corners, white sides, empty middle, then go -to the middle and kneel for key 3 and voilet hood (violet) -kill zortin (throws into coffin, search coffin, search lever, pull lever to -escape (red) -Ask man about colours. (Red, green, blue, yellow, indigo, orange and violet) -Toss the items into the basket in the order he says. -Drink vial (v) and touch basket to complete the quest. Lq 28: Robes of time -go to Perin's -kill the mole priest in the mole area for robes of tomorrows dawn -kill the lichen monster in the drider area for robes of todays midnight -kill the feral man in the citadel for key -Unlock the prison door and kill the woman, robes of yesterdays twilight -Go back to entrance and west, pull ring to get to statue of Dumas -Give robes to Dumas three times and you get the quest. Yesterday first, then today, -then tomorrow. Order is necessary. Lq 29: King -Go to mythical valley, blow horn, kill demon, kill nemesis get gem, in front of aged guard, play dead. -give gem to king, (In throne room sit throne for free room and then "wake up" to get out) Lq 30: Rescue dorian -go to dunamor -Talk to the baker and he asks you to rescue his daughter. there are items to do this, -holy water? or you can kill him anyway. Get key to Berul, kill guard, enter the temple, -push altar, open coffin, kill jacobi,First kill wolves outside the city because these -are summoned and block escape. One wolf per run is always summoned anyway. free dorian. Lq 31: Gong -Find the gong in bc, hit it, you get heavy weighted and banished, have friends looking for the gong as -you try to find a scienic location, have a nav friend relocate and dimdoor so you can get back to church -Hopefully by that time, your friends looking for the gong have located it and can quote you where it is. -You have to hit the gong 5 times. Lq 35: Help the baron -Get the pigeon from the guy in top west room by killing the guy and searching nest or so, and give to troll -take mushroom from troll and give to cook -cook makes soup, take soup and give to yves -take flowers from windowsill on first floor and give to yves -yves makes a painting -give painting to baron and ta-da Lq 37: Save the princess daisy -go to eow -Climb tree, talk to witch, -Dive in pond, get key -Climb down well, get wand by pushing wall and searching the room. -Give wand to witch and get key -Kill black dragon for head (h) Give head to king -Free princess daisy and lead her back to the castle, avoiding monsters -before she dies of her wounds Lq 38: Vulcan -go to volcano area, go down and talk to vulcan, he will give you a letter, ride pegasus to hera -and kill her, then "search throne"? or so to reveal exit to zeus, give the letter to him Lq 39: Enchanted cloak -go to giantkillers -Kill guard for ring (r), Kill king for cloak (c), Get cards (d) from the table in the zoo, -Get grasshopper (G) from the entrance, Kill slime for slime gem (s). -Fur coat (f) from giants house. get cracker from box, feed deer, for prickly bur -Go to mage (m) ask mage about quest. give cloak (c) to mage -Give ornate ring (r) to mage, give fur coat (f) to mage -Give grasshopper (G) to mage, give prickly bur (b) to mage -Give slime gem (s) to mage, give deck of cards (d) to mage. Mage will attack. Mage Dests. -Kill the mage to complete the quest. Lq 40: Sacrifice staff Revelstone, Kill lord elena (areas). She drops a staff, take it and go to Foul's Creche. Help the repairman fix the elevator, push button 3. Kill urvile loremaster. Put staff on altar. Lq 41: Shrine search -Visit all of the shrines, enter them. Do not need doppelganger. Lq 42: Jim corbett -go to rudraprayag -Get Jim's pipe (p) jump fence, take, get watch(w) by crawl through hole (aggro), -lamp (l) by squeeze through pipe, tackle (t) by climb slope, dive pond, dive for hidden room (aggros) -and coffeepot (c) (once per boot, in the cabin) climb ladder. -Give them to Jim one at a time Lq 43: Four elements -When each of the 4 elements event is run, if you are under level 43, go to the right element tower -corrisponding with what event is being run. You can pass the guard blocker if under lv 43, if not -you have to kill it, its like 500k and always casts something, fire/cold or so. Then go up the tower -and kill the aggro up top, hes like 100k, collect all pieces then make the armour. Lq 44: Holy grail -Arthur's. Get a sandwich out of the vending machine and give it to the old man to take you across the lake. Answer the -questions on the bridge. Search the rooms in the area w/the french knights until you find the grail. Lq 45: Victi vicimus -go to amphitheater area. -talk to whiny servant, get badge, go to head servant, give badge for badge 2, go to emperor's room -kiss boy or girl (opposite sex), get thrown into arena, solo 40k monster, sometimes more than one. Lq 46: Return the chest -Go to Stagira -In southeast part of town you will run into a forest maze -dirs for maze are s w n w -leave the forest and follow to path to a locked hut -search mat -enter trapdoor -kill the thug leader -move north and move plank or remove plank (cant remember syntax) until mayor is freed from hole -then go back to the first room of the maze and type path -then you climb ledge but be careful because there are aggro birds in the room -kill the birds in each of the successive rooms until you reach a huge birdlike creature -mob is about 200k+ and has 2 forms (casts banish), it drops a chest, player doing the quest takes the chest -go to the mayor in ne part of the town -and syntax to get quest is place chest on pedestal Lq 47: Master hunter -Talk to livingstone, get list of monsters to kill, get freeze corpse potion. get 200 hunting points. -probably best to get lucky when you reinc and have ancient whale or some other huge monster, rather -than trying to kill a bunch of small animals for the points. Lq 48: Successor of province -talk to spokesman, -talk to funeral arranger, go upstairs and search desk? drawer for key, go to -lighthouse, have see invis, talk to dead dude, go to house, search wall open -picutre to open safe, take cigar back to dead dude, he gives key to library, -search in library for codex, give codex to funeral arranger, then kill 4 sons, -1, go to bridge, cut ropes on the bridge, stand in room and wait for the guy -to fall off, 2, go to red bull, take red vest, give vest to son roaming there, -wait in red bull room until bull mauls the son, 3 go to where the grandpa is -reading in the manor, search the fireplace? room? for note, take note to -general? (i need to check what their names are again) , anyway son and dude -are in the same room, you give note about his wife cheating and they duel, -wait for son to die, last one, go search cottage at south end of area for -peppers, go to cook, tear label from jar of pepper,s give jar to cook, he -gives soup , take the soup to the son in the manor , he eats and -dies because he is a gringo wussy, then go talk to spokesman again, give him -thumbs up, boom quest done Lq 49: Ivory blades -go to halberdhearth. -kill the shifter captain and shifter king for two keys. -unlock the door into the well and search for the dagger (warning: once per boot). -kill the guard and push a brick to get to dungeons. -kill the torturers shifter and proceed into the maze. -walk around until you find another shifter (who banishes) with a key and a gate leading to the big shifter. -kill the big shifter and get to the prisoners. -ask about bracelet and key. go to harlon's laboratory and use the bracelet to get the safe combo -(the | denotes the start of the code, which wraps around as a bracelet would). -get the key from the safe and go to the hunting room. -insert dagger in mammoths eye to open a passage to a locked door which the safe key fits. -get fergus from the tomb and kill him for the sabre. -go back and kill the priest shifter again if he reset, then pray at the altar to get the lq. -This quest is way too hard for a level 48 player so its easier to get a high level party to -do all the fighting. The quest person must get the dagger, get the bracelet and key, open the safe -and be present when fergus is killed, then do the bit with the goddess at the end Lq 50: Machine -you gotta pull chandelier in some room, kill jim bob and joe bob, then kill cruella and get the card, -then open the locked door with the key cruella gives and then kill the last von huber and insert the card into the machine Lq 51: Magic tower -go to digga's -requires assembly of the magic tower. -Find half of magic tower (T1), search trinkets in curley's room -Second (T2) by searching rocks in the alcove east of troll caves. -Get the holy cross (H) from the high priest in the ENCHANTED FOREST. -Rescue Otto (o)from the troll's cave, who returns to astral in raven. -Put them on the ground by Otto and Astral and type restore Lq 52: Return the amulet -Go to elf village, talk to Eldaron to start the quest -then go to the east side of the area, you will see "crap" in the room, search crap, pull ring -(get a nice party before hand), then you will go down, enter portal. prot up for the aggro 150k -mob n, kill that, then cold prot all, and go w and kill zorthas, DO NOT loot the corpse, or touch -the corpse at all. After 10-20 secs a mob comes, thanks you, and you recieve the quest. Lq 53: Shamanic deed -Taiga, Go the the southwest glacier. "Climb up" (Need 100 Dex) Kill the black mammoth and skin the corpse (90+ Skinning) -Go to the room with the hag, wait for the ice floe, "Jump floe" "jump shore" -2 rooms in that area, dig ferns, dig antlers, find the fungus wheel, "put carcass on stub" -"hide behind fern" -Invis and enter the portal -Kill the hunter -Give the axe to lelyah -She will give you a drum frame -Have a bard make a drum w/instrument creation with your materials (hide and frame) -"fix drum" -Get 10,000 gold coins, "search river" to find "small rock" Go to the sieta. -Place gold on ground, "put rock on rock" "play drum"/"bang drum" -Look at your drum, you must kill all the animals in the pictures, and leave their corpses on the ground. Take their souls into the drum. -in one of the first rooms you enter taiga in, there is a 'se' exit hidden. enter the lake and kill the lady to get the staff. -When your drum is finished you have to enter the "dreamworld" -Buy a whole lot of 1kg wood nuggets at a mineral exchange. -Take the metal bucket from the hag and the wood -Search bushes for a mushroom -Get a torch and go to the sauna -put the wood from the hag in the stove and light it, then throw all your nuggets in -eat the mushrooms, you'll hallucinate. -2 south from sauna is water, "out, 2 south, fill bucket with water, 2 north enter throw water on stove" -You must do all of these simultaneously-->throw water on the stove from the leaky bucket (you'll have to refill it several times) bang your drum in the sauna -Eventually you'll be in dreamworld. -Summon someone there as a reloc-pole -You have to map out dreamworld carefully. When moving around if you get a message 'this looks familiar or something like that' you have gone out of dreamworld. reloc back to your pole. after youhave the map, go the the southern area, bang your drum in all the rooms to find a doorway. enter the doorway -Go through the maze, kill saelli. put eye in staff -go to the sw'ern part of taiga. bang your drum at the totem. (can't quite remember the details of the end) Lq 55: The mythical frostblade -go to draconians area -Kill the sentries, go to the nw corner and "make potion" -Kill the highlord for key 1 and go down to the wyverns. -Kill the wyverns and search nest for a way down -Tie rope to stalagmite, swing and go west -Drop firewood and pour potion over firewood to complete the quest -Tie rope to stalagmite to get back. Note you need TWO ropes. Lq 56: Help lady elberiel Lq 57: Rescue patrol Lq 60: Zonni statue -when the zonni statue event is run, gather a party, collect the zonni statue pieces from peddlers -in bc, kill them for parts, collect all parts, go to ocp, place for all parts and statue -will come alive, it casts electric area, so prot for that, kill it and everyone in the party -under lv 60 will get the quest. Lq 61: Stonehenge Lq 62: Quest: Challenge kurya Lq 65: Rescue lady -go to Zonni Swamps -Kill the guardian to enter the temple. search slime and get the brass key 1, go down and -kill lizardman to get the second key 2. Kill the torturer (dests) and other wandering -monsters, heal and free the victim, search wall and go north. kill slaad 4 (dest) then -other three slaads, avoiding area spells. -heal and free lady. go north for the slender (get it before terror makes you run). -High str helps to free lady. It may take many attempts to free the lady, based on strength, -but even low str can do it with many tries. Lq 69: The horsehead mountain Lq 70: Silver battlesuit -go to digga's -requires 7 pieces of the silver battlesuit. quest person should carry -damaged silver boot from curley the head thief -rusty silver arm (a) in the newbie area pond , look at floor (many times if needed) -dusty arm (d) from north of thieves -bones of fallen warrior (w) from north of thieves -dented silver leg (l) on troll king -silver boot (b) from curley -another boot (c) from searching pile north of Raven (*) -free groo and get barbarian ring (r) chested one wont do. -get leg (g) from Raztax -show ring (r) to get into barbarian camp, show ring to chieftain and -ask chieftain for torso to get torso (t) -take the bones(w) to the cleric in raven, drop them -ask cleric cast resurrect at bones, Nibor is ressurrected -(might have to do this several times) -drop all bits to the battlesuit -type fix command and Nibor makes the battlesuit Lq 71: The ritual of sacrifice -Get the sword (s) from the Ruins area, and the ankh (a) from Brimshire. -Kill Jonathan Amberley (J) for the staff (t) and key (A) -Go north, free Simon -give sword ankh and staff to grandmother (g) -Back to church in Brimshire. -Unlock the door with key (A), kill patrick (P) -Get book (b) to get words for the sacrifice -kill Henry (H) -perform sacrifice for lq and get bracers of the gods Lq 73: Liberation -Get the crystal mallet from lq8 (Ochimos area), -To open the portal to Akira there are 8 pieces of puzzle needed: -1) from the ogres in the ogre cave -2) from shaking a spider web in the forest -3) giving a paper to the armourer -4) repair katana at blacksmith and give to waal su -5) kill thief to get key to head wu-gen, kill for one piece -6) the high monk has one -7) kill the dragon and one piece in his home -8) ninja guildmaster's storage room has one -Then kill Bejang the necromancer in the middle of the square and 'solve puzzle' -and bits of puzzle 1-8 on the -kill Akira for the key (3) unlock the door and go north. -Wield the mallet and type 'break wall with mallet' to get the quest. Lq 75: Enchanted forest Lq 76: Save duzelton Lq 77: Explore70 -Obvious. Get to 70% explore percent and go to the quest room. Lq 79: Thief quest Lq 79: Win assassination game Lq 80: The savage coast Lq 81: Ndoki forest Lq 83: Tides of war Lq 84: Inner sanctium of magerathia Lq 85: Flying citadel -People doing the quest must be the two to press the buttons before kitiara -Kill soth and skie (dont have to kill skie now days apparently), then get the ladder -from third tower? place ladder against wall. climb up. lookout sits in left chair, driver -sits in right chair and place hands on globe to start timer. steer the citadel using -think west, think north etc. think enter and think land when at rounce. Lq 87: Explore80 -Obvious. Get to 80% explore percent and go to the quest room. Lq 88: The valley of the kings Lq 90: Assassin quest ______________________________ Area Quests ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ Scouts -Go to Orc scouts area. If the leader is there, ask him about help. "Climb tree" go through area -and kill all of the bullies, and untie all of the orcs. When you untie all of the orcs, go back -to the leader, and ask him about password. He will give you a password if you have untied enough -orcs. If not, wait till some pop and untie more orcs till you get the password. Then climb back -up the tree, to the top, kill nelson and his bullies, push knothole, go north and say the password. -Then climb the ladder, "search" and you will find a map. Take the map. Then head back down to the -first floor of the treehouse. Search leaves till you see the swing, and then "jump down". Then -"sit on swing" and "swing" wait till it says the swing hangs in the air, and type "jump off" or -"jump". Then search brambles for the decoder ring. Take the ring, and the shovel and go out. -Now, wear the ring, read the map, and decode each direction, follow dirs, and in the last room, -type "dig". You will find the flag, take everything, run back to the leader and give him the flag. Robbery in moonlight Start off by finding (in BC): *Inspector Rouligar with a grin on his face *Noble lady sadly wondering here *Man casually walking here and inspecting the pavement *Rough looking guy with a scar on his right cheek *Old man with a pipe in his mouth and smoky haze around him *a small and fluffy rat -Your going to ask the Inspector and the Lady about robbery and witness. -Then go to ne bc, kill the rat, take his ass and give it to the old man. -Then go to the Rough looking guy *near mage guild* and ask him about robbery -and ask him about gem. Then he will hand you a gem. Take the gem to the Man -casually walking here and give it to him. Find Frex Frox -Sail into oystria, locate the prince, he is far ne corner of map. Ask him about assistance. -Then go 2 e of him and up, search cabinet, if nothing, go w and search desk? or bed, if nothing, -go w again and search bed? or desk. When you find the crown, go d and east out of the building with the prince. -Take the crown to sherlox, you must wear the ring you get from prince to get to sherlox, hes s part, a lil east on map. -when at sherlox, "accuse prince" and when he asks proof, give crown to sherlox. -Now. Go back to the place with the prince, shelter outside, go to prince, he will flee east, go east, if he goes back west, -p shake the party and go w, and wait for him to go e of your party. then go back to your party and shelter. then go east. -Now he cant flee, but you can flee "up", hes a 90k mob or so, not hard. Kill him and loot his corpse, you will get a key. -Then, neutralize field and go w, kill guard, go north, pull chain, unlock cell. Thats that. You recieve an oystria ring, -its +4 any stat tunable +name bonus. You can only make 1/rebirth. A day at the circus -Go to circus area find Ernesto, ask him about task, then you must go to mariah and answer riddles till she gives you a pin, -and go rutger? ..(ernesto tells you the name, i think its rutger), and do the str test, you need 90 or so str, so get epower -and eq if your a caster. Then hit machine and rutger gives you a pin. Take both pins back to ernesto, and give them to him, -one by one. He will then tell you about the lion that go lose, go n out of his room, w and s into the bushes area, search bushes -till you find the lion, kill the lion, take lions head, give lions heat to ernesto. thats it. Save the farmers -Go to the Farmhouse area, locate the wife, then go 3 n, enter barn, kill the wyvern, take the head, go out 3 s and give to wife. The Elementalist -kill Rechendak, the Elementalist. Shrouds of Darkness: -kill apoc, get heart (H) from throne -kill aleval for shroud (A) -kill maria for shroud (M), get cube of air (A) from smithy -kill xerbu for shroud (X) -kill noquar for shroud (N), get flames (F) -kill kilsek for shroud (K) -kill eisevis for shroud (E) got pyramid of cold (P) -kill despana for shroud (D),3 south of house despana is star (S)(search mud) -kill tomtor for shroud (T) -Open the way to lolth with (H)(A)(P)(F)(S) -kill Charinidia for shroud (C) -Kill lolth? -wear all 9 shrouds and enter pool in the titan's room? -might have to wear Lolth's shroud (all slots) enter pool and -sacrifice it. In which case why are the other shrouds needed?